Claws-Out: Campaign Against Canned Hunting – Karoo Wildlife Centre Fundraiser

Typically I try to post every other Monday.  However, I am sharing this post to help promote a great event being put on by my friend Beth Jennings as a fundraiser for the Campaign Against Canned Hunting – Karoo Wildlife Centre in South Africa.  Beth and I got to know each other after both making a similar mistake […]

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The Nature of Namibia – Part 2

Namibia has much to offer the adventurous traveller, and those adventures don’t stop at Swakopmund.  Moving North from Swakopmund we ended up at the Skeleton Coast.  The Skeleton Coast is a very interesting area in the way that the desert slowly increases in size by taking over the ocean.  As the desert winds blow the sand […]

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What is “Ethical” Travel?

What is Ethical Travel?  It’s a question I’ve been asking myself quite a bit lately. About the best and most simple answer I can come up with is that it means to leave a place better then it was before going there.  To me it also means trying to leave a positive impact on the people, […]

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