I’ve always loved to travel.  However, when I was younger I always thought it was unaffordable.  Then at 24 years old I was hit with the unimaginable and suffered a stroke which left my entire left side immobilized.  Over the next 7 months I learned to walk and move my arm again.  Doctors and Nurses repeatedly told me that my stubbornness and determination were key in my recovery.  There are still lingering effects from the stroke, which most people wouldn’t notice if I didn’t say anything.  I don’t let it hold me back from anything want to do!

This experience brought a whole new outlook on life to me and I realized that a person never knows when it’s their time so life should be lived to it’s fullest.  From this time on I have been travelling, mainly within North America to start as well as a trip to the Dominican Republic.  In the past few years though my sense of adventure has gotten to me and I have visited Africa twice, covering 6 countries there so far and also visiting India in March 2015.

The Wilderness and experiencing Wildlife in it’s natural habitat is a huge passion of mine.  Hence the trips to Africa and India.  I also have a lot of passion for experiencing different cultures firsthand.

This Blog will feature a variety of things regarding travel, wildlife, and culture.  I hope you enjoy it!

Live Life to it’s Fullest!  Welcome to Wilderness and Wanderlust!

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    1. Thank you! I love Africa and cannot wait to go back again next year. Currently struggling with whether to do some wildlife conservation stuff with Wild Heart Wildlife or finish what I started in 2014 by finishing Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania & starting Kenya.

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