Claws-Out: Campaign Against Canned Hunting – Karoo Wildlife Centre Fundraiser

Typically I try to post every other Monday.  However, I am sharing this post to help promote a great event being put on by my friend Beth Jennings as a fundraiser for the Campaign Against Canned Hunting – Karoo Wildlife Centre in South Africa.  Beth and I got to know each other after both making a similar mistake […]

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What is “Ethical” Travel?

What is Ethical Travel?  It’s a question I’ve been asking myself quite a bit lately. About the best and most simple answer I can come up with is that it means to leave a place better then it was before going there.  To me it also means trying to leave a positive impact on the people, […]

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South Africa – Shark Waters

If you’re like me, Sharks are incredibly fascinating.  Living in the prairies there is definitely not an everyday opportunity to get up close to these wonderful apex predators. The end of my first trip to Africa, as well as the beginning of my second both provided me with such an opportunity.  However, in order to […]

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